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Do your customers need small runs of 50, 100, 250, 500, or 1000 labels?

Our Digital Label presses are designed with those orders in mind.

From one color black to 4 color CMYK and everything in between.

Do you need 100 each of 12 versions?

Again, right in our digital sweet spot.

Please let us quote you next project.




CUSTOM... 8-1/2 x 11 laser labels are our specialty.

Blanks….One color…Two Colors…3 Three Colors etc.

We have a large inventory of cutting dies to create a vast array of shapes.

New label sizes are available by using low cost magnetic cutting dies.

Adhesives available are Permanent, Cold Temperature & Removable.

We offer 250 & 100 sheet per box packaging.

Each box contains our educational Laser Label Tip Sheets so customers achieve maximum performance!


Drum Labels... (Not a sticker on the kick drum from your favorite 70’s band)

With today’s strict government regulations finding the right material to label chemical drums is essential.

Drums are manufactured in painted steel or molded polyethylene.

If those drums get shipped by sea, the labels on them must comply with Maritime standards.

We have materials that comply with BS 5609 Section for immersion exposure.

That means a label must hold up to 3 months of saltwater exposure!

Now that is a tough label.

If you need durable labels for your customers we have solutions.


Did you know DIGITAL LABELS constitute 25% of our Total Sales?

A few short years ago we were predominantly a flexographic label  shop.

But as customers demanded more color and shorter runs digital printing began to make large gains.

We utilize different digital equipment depending on the quantity of labels needed.

We can cost effectively run quantities up to 50,000+ on the larger digital equipment.

On the smaller equipment we focus on runs 1,000 and under. (We have run as little as 25 labels.)

Does one of your customers need a small run of custom FULL COLOR window decals for their bakery or coffee shop? We can do it!

Does your customer need 100 each of 15 versions on a one color black Asset Label with a 3 of 9 consecutive barcode? We can do it!

Large or small we have a Digital Solution waiting for you.




Have you ever seen a truck drive by with Black letters and numbers starting with USDOT.......?

Trucks are required to clearly display a United States Department of Transportation license number.

We can supply your customers with those labels!

Got Truck? We got Label!

Contact Steve Brookshire at B & B Label, Inc. for more details.


Do you have customers in the Plumbing, Electrical, Water or HVAC trades or manufactures?

Have you ever noticed how when you have service done at your residence of office the service technician sticks a label on your appliance?

Things that use this kind of label:

1.    Air Conditioners

2.    Furnace’s

3.    Water Heaters

4.    Heat Pumps

5.    Radiant Flooring

6.    Thermostats

7.    Dehumidifiers

8.    Ventilation

Those labels represent a lot of label business.

As a print professional you have a chance to help your customers design eye catching labels.

We have the proper materials to adhere properly to those appliances.

We can even add consecutive numbers or barcodes so appliance usage can be tracked for preventative maintenance purposes.




Bumper Stickers!

Durable, Weather Resistant, Eye Catching BUMPER STICKERS are here.

Get your customer’s messages out there with a traveling billboard called a BUMPER STICKER.

We have Permanent and Removable adhesives available depending on your application.

We can add lamination to extend label life.

Bumper Stickers are used by business to promote their brand and communicate with the public

(Think about the “How Am I driving stickers”) you have seen.

Private Residential Districts, Marinas, Schools, Golf Courses are all big users of bumper stickers.

The business is out there waiting for you!  Let us help you win new accounts.

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